Sunday, May 15, 2011

House Rulz 1

Welcome to the launch of House Rulz comics strip.

A few years ago I was over at the house of a friend of mine. We were playing D&D, or Traveller or some other old school game. His wife and his two teenagers were playing with us. I thought how cool it was that his entire family (except for the young twins) played role playing games together. Their family was very close, they enjoyed each other's company. It did not take much to see it was because they played role playing games together.

In many ways they had a typical family dynamic, Dad was the GM when they played and the disciplinarian in real life. Mom had the strength and wisdom coupled with the loving nature of most mothers. The oldest son played football and got into trouble like every teenage boy. The teen girl was boy crazy and had the same teenage interest of every other 13 year old girl. And the twins were typical 5 year olds.
And yet they were all gamers, and that made them atypical.

All my life I wanted to be a cartoonist. I had done semi-pro cartooning for years. Therfore, I am always looking for ideas that would make a good strip. I talked to my friend and he agreed that I could do a strip based loosely on his family. He even helped me develop the ideas for the strip and gave me several story ideas.

So far I have done about 30 strips and sent them out to a select audience of comic fans and gamers. The response has very positive, so I think it is ready to show to a larger audience.
One of the guys I sent the preview to was Studio Arkhein from the terrific blog "Rather Gamey". He suggested I try So here I am.

I will add a strip every Tuesday and Thursday to start. I think the strips start getting better after the first dozen or so as I start to get into a little better rhythm and style. Even now the strip is evolving as I learn the characters and become more confident in my art. So please stick with it and watch it evolve and grow.

My favorite thing is to hear from people who are reading my strip. I appreciate all feedback, even if it is not all positive.

Thank you, and enjoy.


Arkhein said...

Yeah! You did it! Very cool. Now do more! :)

- Ark

Taketoshi said...

You might want to make comments show up as something darker, too! But great work--looking forward to seeing more.

christian said...

The only thing better than a die rolling cat is one who steals minis off the table, then runs away!

ilovecomix said...

added a link to the Facebook and to the tumblr. hope you get more hits. This strip will prosper and be very popular.

Anonymous said...

Looks promising... good luck with it!

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