Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Rulz 3


It is House Rulz Thursday (tell your friends…..seriously tell your friends, I need more readers). 

I had a really cool thing happen the other day.  Ric Croxton who does the terrific podcasts “The Book Cave” and “Ric’s Comics” for First Comics News, interviewed me on his podcast. 

In “Ric’s Comics, Episode 58” Ric and his co-host Steve call me in the middle of the show and we talk about House Rulz for about 15 minutes.  It was a lot of fun, and a great honor.  Thank you Ric and Steve. 

If you are a comic book or comic strip fan, I highly recommend Ric’s podcast.  It is both entertaining and informative.  I think you should listen to the entire podcast, but if you want to only listen to the House Rulz discussion it starts at about the 28 minute point. 

Go to and select episode 58. 

Today I will introduce the next character in the family:


Dad is the head of the household (at least in his mind, the other family members may say different).  He works from home, so he is the primary disciplinarian of the family.  Dad is a free lance game author.  He also paid blogger for a major role playing game website.  Dad eats breaths and sleeps gaming.  He is the family GM and runs all of the family games.  Dad is a total old school gamer, he loves “crunchy” gaming systems and insists that during a game he is not “Dad” he is the GM.  Dad is also a major conspiracy nut, so if you want entertainment, just mention your favorite conspiracy and he will go like a self winding top.         

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Hey - I listened to the podcast. That was cool!

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