Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House Rulz 2


I thought I would take the opportunity of the next few strips (every Tuesday and Thursday, mark it on your calendar) to focus on the characters in House Rulz.  I am going to introduce the characters as they appear in the strip.  It is an ensemble cast with no single star.   As the strip continues to develop you guys can tell me who your favorite characters are.  Your favorites will determine who the star of the strip turns out to be. 

Today’s Strip is all about Mom and Tanner. 


Mom is the strength of the family.  Like all of the family she is a gamer.  Even in character she can not help but be the mother of the group.  She is constantly amused and baffled by her husband and her children.  Mom is usually the calm in the midst of chaos.  She is also a coffee snob, who almost always has a cup of joe somewhere close by. 


Tanner is the oldest child in the House family.  He is 15 and has overnight grown into a giant.  At 15 he is larger and stronger than most grown men, but like most 15 year old boys, his mind has not caught up with his body.  He plays football because that is best way to get the girls.  He is rambunctious, clumsy and full of an infectious energy.  He is also despite his size very innocent and naive.   He also has a strange fascination with playing slutty female characters (much to Mom’s dismay)       


Arkhein said...

Like Tanner, my mind still hasn't caught up with my body - . And I still play slutty female characters - but it looks legit since I'm the DM. :)

- Ark

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